Drinking great tasting, purified water becomes even more convenient thanks to our purchasing formula with personalised financing.

Our water purifiers for the home distinguish themselves on the market by their innovative technology and their advantageous prices.

But we wanted to do even more …
In fact, in order to render our products even more accessible, our company has decided to offer a purchasing formula with facilitated financing, as well as the possibility of establishing personalised payment plans.

After having selected the desired product, all you have to do is is request a consultation in order to gain access to our facilitated financing options.

In this manner, you can take advantage of the countless benefits offered by our water purifiers, while paying the purchase price in convenient instalments.

Since the contractual conditions change with each renewal of the agreement, examples of the payment plans cannot be provided here.

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Please contact our offices to find out more about the conditions currently in force and to obtain examples of the payment plans that best meet your requirements.

A.Q. Technology: a great opportunity with affordable instalments.