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Discover the many benefits which AQ Technology’s products range offers both to you and to our planet.

Pure water, totally free from residues and harmful substances

Thanks to a microfiltration system consisting of a particular blend of activated carbon and silver, DePurissimo holds 99% of impurities and eliminates all the harmful substances that accidentally risk being diluted in the water supply network, such as free chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, chlorinated solvents as well as organic substances which can also give the water unpleasant flavours and odours. DePurissimo is also equipped with a UVC lamp which keeps the filtered water sterilised without altering its natural organoleptic properties thanks to an antibacterial treatment.

Throughout the house, DePuro’s innovative, patented filtering system in turn guarantees water that is totally free from sand, soil and iron oxide, the main debris that usually deteriorate water-operated appliances.

Last but not least, DeCal modifies the crystal structure of the calcium and magnesium salts, preventing them from aggregating while the water remains chemically unchanged and maintains its original characteristics. Finally, limescale deposits in showers, sinks, washing machines or dishwashers will no longer be a daily problem and your appliances’ lifespan will be extended.

Innovative, unique and patented purification methods

DeCal uses a revolutionary electromagnetic water impulse treatment method, while DePurissimo and DePuro are in turn two unique, innovative, patented AQ Technology methods.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology based on a microfiltration system consisting of a particular blend of activated carbon and silver, DePurissimo ranks among the most efficient purification systems in its category. It is also equipped with a UVC lamp which keeps the filtered water sterilised thanks to an antibacterial treatment.

DePuro reinvents the concept of water treatment thanks to its wide range of interchangeable filter cartridges which for the first time allow to totally block residues.

All our purification systems are perfectly compliant with the Italian Ministry of Health (Ministerial Decree No. 25 – 7/02/2012)’s and the European Union (CE certification)‘s current regulations.

Goodbye, plastic bottles

Growing pollution due to plastic waste is one of the greatest issues of the 21st century. The disposal and the subsequent accumulation of plastic material is in turn endangering entire natural habitats. Plastic bottles, in particular, represent the emblem of this catastrophe because they are one of the most commonly used products -around 500 billion a year all over the world- and, unfortunately, also among the objects most commonly scattered in the environment. All too often, these bottles end up in the sea or abandoned in lakes and rivers and endanger millions of animals every day.

Purchasing and installing DePurissimo will unable you to turn your backs on plastic water bottles, a great step forward the preservation of the planet.

Immediate economic benefit

Purchasing an AQ Technology water purifier implies already from the first year considerable savings compared to the costs of buying water in bottles. This is a long-term benefit that will turn a small initial investment into substantial daily savings.

The following graph shows a decrease in the annual drinking water expenses of an average family of 4: it is clear that after the installation of DePurissimo the curve drops significantly and remains low over time, demonstrating that its use considerably reduces costs compared to the purchase of bottled mineral water.

No more heavy water packs

Having a DePurissimo water purifiying system means no more carrying heavy packs of mineral water bottles home from the supermarket, which can constitute a serious issue for elderly consumers or people with reduced mobility. It will guarantee an immediate, constant and unlimited supply of high quality, purified and microplastics-free drinking water directly from your tap.

Easy installation and maintenance

All our products can easily be installed in D.I.Y. or through the intervention of a qualified plumber under your kitchen countertop -commonly under the sink- or at the water system entrance, depending on the model. Unlike the old generation purifiers, it is not necessary to add a second tap.

For an even easier installation of DeCal, a pre-assembled version on a portion of pipe is available. Once installed, it requires no maintenance whatsoever.

In the case of DePuro and DePurissimo, the filter change and the UVC lamp (where present) replacement are very simple operations that can be carried out easily without the help of any expert thanks to the maintenance kit which includes detailed instructions and can be sent directly to your home.

Upon request, we can also provide our customers with the services of an AQ Technology plumber for both the installation and the regular maintenance of our products.

Compact purifiers, no second tap

AQ Technology purifiers are compact and their installation does not affect the aesthetics of your kitchen: they easily fit under the sink or at the entrance of your house’s water supply without stealing too much of the space dedicated to your cleaning products. Furthermore, no second tap is ever needed, as it is often the case with other types of purifiers. To better visualise how our purifiers could fit into your home, please check their dimensions below:

DePurissimo  L 420 x H 320 x P 270 (Free) L 330 x H 240 x P 350 (Basic)

DePuro L 330 x H 240 x P 350

DeCal L 20 cm x H 9 cm x P 3,8 cm

Prolonged warranty

To guarantee our customers the best experience and total serenity, all AQ Technology purifiers are covered beyond the 24-month minimum warranty required by law.

DePurissimo – 3-year warranty

DePuro – 3-year warranty

DeCal – 5-year warranty

Made in Italy

AQ Technology purifiers are 100% Made In Italy, most of their components being locally produced in Emilia-Romagna. Not only it guarantees our customers and partners quality and excellence, but it also contributes to stimulating the economic dynamism of our region and it allows our purifiers to limit their carbon footprint.

Sophisticated electronic control system and anti-flooding sensor (with DePurissimo Free)

DePurissimo Free is equipped with a sophisticated electronic control unit which features a flow meter and a time counter, and also allows you to monitor the UVC lamp. When necessary, an alarm will remind you to carry out yearly routine maintenance while the control unit will make it possible to request additional litres before the maintenance can be carried out. For total peace of mind, DePurissimo Free is also fitted with a small anti-flooding sensor that will alert you and will close the water supply in the unlikely event of a leak.

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