Depurissimo and Environment

A.Q. Technology is dedicated to protecting the environment:

we protect your future

The Decal, Depurissimo and Depuro units have been specifically designed to eliminate the production of PET waste owing to the purchase of plastic water bottles, and to reduce the atmospheric pollution caused by their production and transportation using traditional logistics services.

Decal, Depurissimo and Depuro: advantages for the environment

From an environmental standpoint, our products are an entirely eco-compatible solution. In fact, these innovative water purification tools have been specially designed to minimise water waste (which with other purifiers can even reach levels of up to 60%).
In addition, compared to the traditional use of bottled water, the Depurissimo water dispensing system eliminates the use of plastic and helps to significantly decrease the atmospheric pollution caused by traditional transport services.

DePurissimo: advantages for the customer

In addition to safeguarding the environment, the Depurissimo unit also provides numerous advantages for customers who choose this high-quality product.

Fresh spring water directly from your tap: with Depurissimo there’s more flavour!

Thanks to the innovative purification system designed by our technical team, the Depurissimo model is capable of eliminating 99% of the harmful elements contained in water (like bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals), without altering its flavour or its beneficial organoleptic properties.

Decal, Depurissimo and Depuro: your direct line to a healthy lifestyle

Thanks to our innovative products, we are capable of guaranteeing great tasting, purified water directly from your main tap, with no need for cumbersome external tanks.

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A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna


Friends of the environment

Say goodbye to plastic bottle waste and the CO2 emissions caused by transportation services. A.Q. Technology’s products are specifically designed to be environmentally friendly. And you?

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A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna

… and starting today

No more heavy lifting

All those heavy cases of water that you used to carry into the house will be just a distant memory. Your personal supply of fresh purified water will always be available, right from your tap!

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A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna


Maximum affordability and minimum inconvenience

A.Q. Technology’s products are offered at an extremely competitive price and with the possibility of convenient financing.

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