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Why is it important to purify tap water?

Harmful substances such as free chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, chlorinated solvents, organic substances and bacteria are commonly present in the water supply network. In addition to giving the water unpleasant taste and smell, they can potentially be hazardous to human health in the long term. Thanks to its microfiltration system consisting of a mixture of activated carbon and, in the case of the Free version, the antibacterial effect of the UVC lamp, DePurissimo eliminates about 99% of these substances without affecting the organoleptic properties useful to the body.
Unfortunately it is also common to find sand, soil and iron oxide residues. These are not toxic to humans, but they considerably shorten the lifespan of appliances as they clog pumps and pipes, causing them to deteriorate very quickly. Installed at the general entrance to the water system, DePuro guarantees pure, residue-free water for the entire house.

Are your purifiers difficult to install?

Absolutely not. They can all be simply installed in DIY. In the case of DeCal, a pre-assembled version is even available on a portion of tube to allow for an easier and faster installation. For customers who have very little time available or are just not skilful enough at DIY, the installation can be taken care of by any trusted plumber or, when available, by an AQ Technology plumber who can manage both installation and maintenance according to your needs.For further information, please visit our Installation and maintenance page.

How often should maintenance be performed?

In the case of DeCal, no maintenance is required.
By law, the change of filters and, when appropriate, the replacement of the UVC lamp will have to be carried out at least once a year or, in the case of important water consumption, as soon as the control unit will request it, in the case of DePurissimo. In the case of DePuro, the filters will have to be changed every 2/3 years, depending on your water consumption. However, they are very simple operations and for customers who want to significantly reduce maintenance costs, they can be carried out easily without the help of any expert thanks to the maintenance kit which includes detailed instructions and can be sent directly to your home. For further information, please visit our Installation and maintenance page.

What is the difference between DePurissimo and DePuro?

On the one hand, DePuro is placed at the general entrance of the water system and guarantees residue-free water for the whole house.

On the other hand, DePurissimo is installed under the kitchen top -usually under the sink- and specifically purifies drinking water and more generally water used for cooking purposes.

Does DeCal completely eliminate limescale?

No decalcifier completely eliminates limescale. Even if it were technically possible, this would constitute a health risk since human beings need a daily recommended amount of calcium in order to protect their bones and prevent conditions such as osteoporosis. However, thanks to its innovative system based on electromagnetic impulses, DeCal manages to reduce it drastically. It consequently solves the problems related to its presence in excess in the tap water and increases the lifespan of domestic appliances and pipes.

How can your purifiers help us preserve the planet?

All our purifiers respect the environment. They are designed for energy-saving purposes and with the aim of reducing water waste to zero, as water is one of the most precious resources on the planet and, unfortunately, one of the most at risk. By blocking 99% of impurities, DePurissimo provides a constant and unlimited access to pure, bacteria-free water containing none of the harmful substances commonly present in tap water. It is therefore finally possible to forgo the purchase of mineral water sold in disposable plastic bottles, one of the most polluting and unnecessary products in the world. In today’s context of ecological emergency, every small gesture can make a difference. Together, let’s preserve the environment

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