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You can easily carry out the installation of the AQ Technology purifier of your choice in D.I.Y. or ask a qualified plumber to install it under your kitchen counter or, depending on the model, at the general entrance of the water supply system. Unlike previous generations of purifiers, it is not necessary to add a second tap.

DeCal requires no maintenance whatsoever.

In the case of DePurissimo, it is required by law to change the filters and replace the UVC lamp at least once a year, or -in case of excessive water consumption- as soon as the control unit’s alarm will notify it.
In the case of DePuro, the filters should be changed every 2 to 3 years according to your water consumption.These are very simple operations and for those who want to significantly reduce maintenance costs, they can easily be carried out without the help of any expert thanks to the kit which includes detailed instructions and can be sent directly to your home.

Upon request, we can also offer the services of an AQ Technology plumber, for both the installation and the regular maintenance of our products.

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