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AQ Technology conceives energy-saving purifiers, with no waste of water resources which allows you to completely eliminate the use of plastic bottles. But we do not think that this is enough, and we do not stop there.

Changing the world and preserving the planet is a full-time job. Therefore, we commit every day to be proactive and support the associations and professionals who dedicate their lives to protecting nature and the environment and to managing our precious water resources.


AQ Technology has offered to several municipalities in the Emilia-Romagna region to donate purifiers to local schools in order to participate in raising the awareness of the new generations to water-related issues and environmental responsibility.

Giving our support

Through donations, AQ Technology supports Water.org and the WWF.

Water.org is a global non-profit organisation that operates to make water safe, accessible and economical and to bring sanitation to the world. Water.org empowers people in need to change their lives, helping them to access drinking water and sanitation through affordable funding, such as small loans. It offers women,children and families hope, health and a brighter future.

The WWF’s mission is to build a future in which humanity can live in harmony with nature. All the projects and activities of this organisation – the most important in the world for nature conservation – play a fundamental role in stopping environmental degradation and in helping to protect endangered species. Through more than 1300 projects and with the help of citizens and the involvement of businesses and institutions, it does eve

Across the Mediterranean each year more than 40,000 sea turtles die due to plastic pollution. Thanks to the “Adopt an endangered WWF species” project, the AQ Technology team has symbolically adopted a sea turtle and is sponsoring the work of the WWF in favour of sea turtles that are saved and cared for in their Recovery Centres.

Promoting NGOs

AQ Technology regularly promotes and shares on social media the tremendous work carried out by international NGOs which fight on a daily basis for the right to water, the protection of our planet from pollution and the preservation of species that are threatened by human activities. These international NGOs include:

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