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Our products will allow you to notably limit your carbon footprint and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

For a more sustainable planet: no more plastic…

Growing pollution due to plastic waste is one of our planet’s greatest issues and tackling it constitutes one of the major challenges of the 21st century. The release of CO2 that the production of oil-derived objects involves greatly increases the greenhouse effect that is slowly destroying our ecosystems. The disposal and the subsequent accumulation of plastic material is in turn endangering entire natural habitats. Plastic bottles, in particular, represent the emblem of this catastrophe because they are one of the most commonly used products -around 500 billion a year all over the world- and, unfortunately, also among the objects most commonly scattered in the environment. All too often, these bottles end up in the sea or abandoned in lakes and rivers and endanger millions of animals every day. For instance, thanks to the installation of DePurissimo, you will be able to turn your backs on plastic bottles, a great step forward the preservation of the planet.

… and no more water waste

Water is our most precious resource and at the same time the most at risk. We cannot afford to waste any of it. However, with most of the traditional water purifying systems, up to 60% of the water flow can be wasted. Thanks to our technology, our purifiers are among the most efficient systems in their category and, for example, DePurissimo purifies your water by retaining 99% of impurities without even wasting a drop: in other words, the volume of purified water that you consume is the same as the total volume of supplied water.

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