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The aim of AQ Technology has always been to research and develop the water purification systems of tomorrow. In a context of ecological emergency, we have decided to take advantage of our technology to promote a world free from plastic bottles, one of the most polluting and objectionable products in the world. Our duty to the environment is therefore to offer our customers access to the highest quality water, while allowing them to reduce their carbon footprint by avoiding waste of water resources and eliminating the use of harmful plastic bottles.

The future starts today

We all are actors of our own future and it is our responsibility to build it with awareness and care. Therefore every small gesture we choose to make towards environmental protection today will yield benefits tomorrow on our future ecosystems and both the fauna and flora of our planet. Let’s not wait until it is too late. As of today, let’s reduce our energy consumption, stop wasting water and turn our backs for good to disposable plastic that pollutes to be produced, transported and disposed of, and that endangers the survival of
entire species.

The mission of AQ Technology is to lead the way towards a better, greener and more sustainable future.

Purify for tomorrow

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