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Thanks to the products for boats offered by A.Q. Technology, you can set sail whenever you like with no need to worry about thirst!

A.Q. Technology offers product installations designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding shipowners.

What could be better than spending a hot summer Sunday on a boat?
The refreshing sea breeze, the hypnotic rhythm of the waves, the sun’s rays caressing your skin… it’s like dreaming with your eyes open!Nevertheless, when planning to spend even a single afternoon on a boat, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re prepared.

Unbearable thirst is always just around the corner, and carrying heavy containers of water onto the boat does not always mesh well with the relaxing atmosphere of an afternoon at sea.

This problem can be easily resolved, however… by choosing the quality products for boats offered by A.Q. Technology, every day can feel like Sunday!
By connecting the purifier to your boat’s tank, you can enjoy fresh purified water whenever you like.

The Depurissimo unit is one of the most innovative water treatment products currently available on the market.. It’s small, compact structure even allows it to be installed in the most cramped spaces, thus eliminating the need to store cumbersome cases of water in the galley.
In fact, thanks to the power of its filtration system and the presence of an innovative UVC lamp, the Depurissimo unit is even capable of purifying water that has remained inside the boat’s potable water tank for some time.

The filtration system treats the water without depriving it of its precious minerals, while the strong antibacterial action of the integrated lamp, which is automatically activated upon dispensing, kills every type of virus and bacteria that may be present.
While our purifier’s small and compact structure allows it to be installed in even the most cramped spaces, the high-tech anti-flooding system also helps to minimise water waste.

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Depurissimo: the best water, right where you want it!


DePuro | A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna



Depurissimo hides the most advanced system for treating water destined for human consumption..
The true innovation of the Depurissimo model lies in the presence of an integrated UVC lamp, capable of destroying any bacterial colonies that may be present in the water.

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DePuro | A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna

SO°UP Pure Touch

Carbonation machine

The SO° UP Pure Touch unit is the maximum expression of ultra-modern design and features the exceptional technological value offered by SodaStream Professional water dispensers.

Temperatures and bubbles
for all tastes

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  • you can say goodbye to unnecessary waste of water
  • no more carrying heavy bottles of water and… no more backaches
  • no more plastic bottles to throw away
  • NO MORE CO2 EMISSIONS resulting from transportation.

Pure water for your boat

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A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna

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