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Our water purifiers for restaurants

In the field of water purifiers for restaurants, our brand is destined to leave a mark.

In the field of water purifiers for restaurants, our brand is destined to leave a mark.
Thanks to our innovative products, you can serve your customers great tasting water with an exceptionally pure composition!

While the water served at the table will be the main element that shows the customers the high level of attention paid to respecting their individual needs, it certainly won’t be the only one.
In fact, by using our water purifiers for restaurants, you can:
• take advantage of significant savings;
• optimise your energy use;
• promote customer loyalty;
• exalt the flavours of your gastronomic specialities.

Water is an element of primary importance for any restaurant. It’s enjoyed at the table while awaiting a meal, it’s used to prepare all types of entrées, and it’s used in the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Thanks to our water purifiers and water softeners for restaurants, you can set your tables with spotless dishes and glasses, render your entrées even more flavourful, and guarantee the total purity of the water served at the table.

Set your restaurant apart in the eyes of your customers, by offering them water of superior quality.

A.Q. Technology: the best technology, at the service of your customers.

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Carbonation Machine

Atlantis: the best line to ensure your success!

Among all our products for the restaurant sector, the Atlantis line is certainly that which best meets the needs of the industry’s professionals.
This line of dispensers has been designed to meet the needs of hotels, bars and restaurants. In fact, by taking advantage of the innovative “Ice Bank” technology, they’re capable of guaranteeing maximum performance in minimal time, and are thus perfectly suited to the rhythms of small, medium and large businesses alike..

The stainless steel structure is perfectly paired with top quality components to create this one-of-a-kind gem, made entirely in Italy.

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  • you can say goodbye unnecessary wastage of water
  • no more carrying heavy bottles of water and… no more backaches
  • no more plastic bottles to throw away
  • NO MORE CO2 EMISSIONS resulting from transportation.
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water purifier for the home

The Depurissimo model contains the most advanced system for treating water destined for domestic use..
The true innovation of the Depurissimo model lies in the presence of an integrated UVC lamp, capable of destroying any bacterial colonies that may be present in the water, particularly those that can form in water pipes after extended periods of disuse.
The entire purification system is controlled by an electronic anti-flooding control unit.

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filtration unit

The Depuro model is the basic version of our water purifier for home use.
It meets the various needs of our customers by offering them the possibility of using multiple filter cartridges, while guaranteeing the direct dispensing of great tasting, purified water at any time of day.

You can minimise your water waste and enjoy great tasting, purified water directly from your tap.
Depuro: choose our dependable quality and bring the best water to your table.

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water softener

The Decal model is an electronic water softening system that emits electronic pulses to impede the fusion of these elements, thus destroying any limescale deposits that may be present and preventing their future formation.

Furthermore, by combining the efficiency of the Decal unit with the functionality of the Depuro or Depurissimo models, you can obtain great tasting water that’s good for both your body and your plumbing system.

Guarantee a long life for your appliances… choose Decal!

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Pure water for your restaurant

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