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Our products for home use consist of the DePuro, DePurissimo and DeCal lines.

The Depurissimo model consists of innovative technology contained within a compact yet robust structure that can be easily positioned anywhere under the washbasin: this sensational characteristic renders it one-of-a-kind on the market.

While our water purifiers for home use offer a number of different features, both boast the exceptional quality that has always characterised our brand name.

DePuro | A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna


water purifier for the home

The Depurissimo is the more advanced version of the Depuro model. In fact, in addition to its modern filtration technology, the Depurissimo model also features an integrated UVC lamp that’s capable of destroying any type of virus or bacteria that may be present in the water.

Each function is regulated by a control unit, which monitors the proper execution of the process and manages all the unit’s functionalities, including the anti-flooding system.

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DePuro | A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna


unità filtrante

The Depuro model is the basic version of our water purifier for home use.

It meets the various needs of our customers by offering them the possibility of using multiple filter cartridges, while guaranteeing the direct dispensing of great tasting, purified water at any time of day.

In addition to being good for your health, the Depuro unit is also good for the environment, as it helps to eliminate water waste.

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DePuro | A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna


water softener

The Decal unit is a sensational product that can be combined with our water purifiers for home use.
It is primarily designed to eliminate and prevent the formation of limescale inside pipes.

By emitting electrical pulses, in fact, the Decal unit will keep your pipes in perfect condition, thus ensuring an extended service life for your home appliances.

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The affordability of our products for the hom is guaranteed by their perfect regulation of water consumption as well as by the exceptional price/quality ratio that has always distinguished out brand name.

A.Q. Technology: great tasting water that’s affordable.

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A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna

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