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DePurissimo and SO°UP

Every entrepreneur wants only the best for their customers
Our products for the office and gym will allow you to welcome your customers by offering them a cool glass of purified water, like that from a natural spring.

Our products are particularly appreciated at gyms and fitness centres. Fitness centres, in fact, are environments in which bodily health is much more than a mere abstract concept: it’s a lifestyle!

Are you a gym manager who’s thinking about installing a water purifier? Choose the quality of our products for the office and gym… you’ll be glad you did!

The gym is one of the places where our bodies lose the most water. Intensive training causes excessive sweating and a significant loss of bodily fluids. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the training itself, it is essential to reintegrate the minerals that the body has lost.

With our carbonation machines you can offer your clients an unlimited supply of purified water rich in all the organoleptic properties necessary for their physical well-being.

Our proposal.

Based on the vast expertise and experience that we have acquired in our sector, we propose the SO°UP unit for gyms and office buildings.

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The Depurissimo unit hide the most innovative treatment system for water destined for human consumption..
The true innovation of the Depurissimo model lies in the presence of an integrated UVC lamp, capable of destroying any bacterial colonies that may be present in the water.

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DePuro | A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna

SO°UP Pure Touch

Carbonation machine

The SO° UP Pure Touch unit is the maximum expression of ultra-modern design and features the exceptional technological value offered by SodaStream Professional water dispensers.

Temperatures and bubbles
for all tastes

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In addition to the significant advantages offered to your customers (just think about the space you’ll save by eliminating plastic bottles), our carbonation machine allows you to take care of your customers as well, by offering them water that contains an abundance of beneficial elements, and is free from viruses, bacteria and heavy metals.

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  • you can say goodbye water wastage
  • no more carrying heavy bottles of water and… no more backaches
  • no more plastic bottles to throw away
  • NO MORE CO2 EMISSIONS resulting from transportation.

Pure water for your office

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You can either purchase our products individually, or combine them in order to obtain the best possible purification, depending on your specific requirements.

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