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A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna


Anti-flooding sensor, for maximum peace of mind

The DePurissimo anti-flooding sensor serves to call attention to any accidental water loss, thus avoiding potentially costly repairs and unexpected expenses for the customer.

A.Q. Technology | Depurissimo | Depuratori Acqua Domestica | Bologna

Control unit

To always have everything under control

In order to continuously monitor the system’s general control functions, the DePurissimo model is equipped with a control unit that provides the following data:

  • Serial number
  • Litres usable prior to deactivation
  • Litres currently utilised
  • Bonus litres after system reactivation
  • Date of next system deactivation based on annual activation
  • Installation date
  • Dates of the latest fault resets (date/time, fault type)
  • Lamp life time
  • Battery life time
  • Battery status

Water purifiers

without reverse osmosis technology

Today, everyone is familiar with water purifiers, and while many take advantage of the benefits that they offer for both domestic and professional water use, few truly understand the features that distinguish one model from the next.

When choosing a water purifier for domestic or professional use, one must take a series of essential factors into account.

The most popular technology currently utilised in the field of water purifiers is reverse osmosis.

Our company’s policy, however, is different. Want to know why we offer water purifiers that don’t use reverse osmosis technology?
It’s simple… because we only want to offer you the best quality water!