Have you ever wondered why not all water is the same?
Discover the reason at our brand new Showroom in Milan.

Don’t delay! Visit us at n9 Corso Garibaldi Milan. It has been built with you in mind. See our exclusive domestic water purifier “Depurismo” with your own eyes and discover how it works. Take the opportunity to experience the best water you have ever tasted and learn how it is purified. At A.Q. Technology all our products are easy to install, come and see for yourself. Learn the secrets of a water system developed with the sole aim of providing you with substantial health benefits while still preserving the organoleptic properties of the water. .

It can be difficult choosing the right purifier due to the wide range of products commercially available. You probably don’t realize it yet, but “Depurissimo” is the right choice for you. However, don’t worry if you have any doubts, we organize complete demonstrations from installing to using the product. Taking part in one of these events will help you to better appreciate the benefits of an innovative and healthy system. Simply fill out the form below to take part in the next demonstration. You will be contacted as soon as possible with the necessary details. We work in the domestic, civil ,nautical, industrial and agricultural sectors offering solutions that are revolutionary from a technological point of view and customized to your specific needs. Say goodbye to bottled water and the problems that go with it. You could have the most innovative water purifying system on today’s market in your home.

It’s so easy to install, you could even do it yourself. A.Q. Technology allows you to have good wholesome water ‘on tap’ in your own home.

As of today, you can say goodbye to all the problems associated with purchasing drinking water.

You can have the most innovative domestic water purification systems present on the market installed directly in your home. Easy to install, even on your own.

A.Q. Technology has the ideal solutions for obtaining safe and great tasting drinking water directly in your home.

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